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Audio Pro Living LV3

$2,850.00 $1,999.00

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SPECIAL! $1999 including an LV-HUB!

Living LV3 is a three-way floor standing loudspeaker that works with both direct and reflected sound. Its advanced acoustical design will fill your entire room with music, making placement incredibly easy as well as allowing you to enjoy the convenience and performance of wireless sound in full CD quality.

LV3 has a built in bass equaliser, which lets you adapt the bass to suit your room. What’s more LV3 can be used as a left, right or mono loudspeaker, which is very handy if you want to use several LV3s in a single room, or individual LV3s in several rooms.

Living LV3 is a highly advanced design, which makes truly high-end sound so easy to enjoy.


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