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Chord USB SilverPlus


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The Cable

The USB SilverPlus cable is built using what Chord would regard as tried and tested design principles.  We know from our work with other high speed cables that silver-plated conductors are a good choice.  We also know that if we are going to use silver-plated conductors, the choice of insulation material is critical.  There are only really a couple of insulation materials that we feel work well with silver-plated conductors, and for the USB SilverPlus we chose low density Polyethylene, a material we have used successfully with our HDMI cables.

Like any other Chord interconnect, great attention has been paid to the shielding and the USB SilverPlus shield is effective to high frequencies.

The Plugs

The USB SilverPlus is fitted with a moulded USB plug; the contacts and the surround are plated with 24 karat gold.

Use it with

We think that the USB SilverPlus produces a significantly more detailed and dynamic sound than the standard USB cables we tested it against.  We are also happy that this performance is maintained over lengths of up to 5 metres. Whether you are simply hooking up a laptop to a USB DAC, or running a more complex system, trying a better USB cable is a worthwhile priority.




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