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DEVIALET Expert Pro 220 – The ultimate audiophile system


The best of both worlds. Our pioneering hybrid amplification technology combines all the linearity and sophistication of Analog (Class A)
with all the power and compactness of digital (Class D). Working in parallel, they deliver unbeatable performance. At every turn.

SAM® Speaker Active Matching works by recognizing the exact specs of your speakers. So Expert Pro can tailor the sound signal to fit their precise requirements. In real time. A major audio breakthrough, SAM lets your system achieve perfect temporal alignment between the recorded signal and the acoustic pressure generated by your loudspeakers. For the first time ever.

Pure emotion. Extreme fidelity. All your music, just as the artist intended.

Take the shortest route. Invented by Devialet, Magic Wire® dramatically reduces the distance between DAC and speaker output. Right down to 5 cm. A world record. Designed to keep external threats to the sound signal to an absolute minimum.

Expert Pro uses a revolutionary switch-mode power supply to take you from absolute silence to explosive dynamics. Lightning-quick.

The world’s most advanced audio streaming technology, AIR® (Asynchronous Intelligent Route) gives you the freedom to enjoy all your music, as and when you want.
Whether you’re connecting wirelessly or via Ethernet, expect HD quality, regardless of the format, multimedia player or streaming service you select.
Up to 24 bits / 192 kHz. Make no concessions.

Introducing RAM®. The most agile, dynamic and versatile phono stage ever invented.

With next-generation Record Active Matching technology, your Expert Pro phono stage becomes instantly and endlessly configurable, working in real time to custom fit the exact characteristics of your turntable or vinyl records. Experience high-precision tailoring.

Expert Pro systems are fitted with our EVO® platform, a unique electronic architecture designed to help you stay on top of your game with regular software updates. Enjoy all the latest free features and upgrades. First-class performance. Always.





  • THD+N: 0,0005{9944c9e6350763bd7a1910015c4fcedd460b38c4fcdc722a893e680e43966b1a} (220W / 6Ω)
  • THD: 0,00025{9944c9e6350763bd7a1910015c4fcedd460b38c4fcdc722a893e680e43966b1a} (10W / 6Ω)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 130dB
  • Advanced phono stage: Yes
  • Solid copper base plate: No
  • STEREO – 2 X 220W 6Ω



Incomparable. At all power levels.

The pinnacle of audiophile refinement, for music lovers.

Expert Pro radically reinvents the core elements of playback: preamp, amp, DAC, streamer and phono stage are streamlined in a single razor-thin slab. Experience extreme audiophile sophistication and precision. A whole other species of amplifier.

Devialet engineers obsessively seek perfection at every stage of sound reproduction. Always with the same ambition: delivering the best performance ever measured, at all power levels. Incomparable.

Pure sound. Explosive dynamics. Naked silence. Whatever the source, whatever the speakers. A rare emotional experience.


Radically superior.

Expert Pro surpasses all existing systems, redefining industry standards. One game-changing invention at a time.

It took our engineers 10 years of research and development and over 100 patents to achieve the impossible. Over 60 awards later, Expert Pro remains the world’s most critically acclaimed audio system. Radically superior.


Our integrated and infinitely upgradable architecture seamlessly adapts to fit your exact system and speaker model. With absolute precision. Cut from a single block of aluminium, Expert Pro combines extreme refinement and optimal thermal management. For radically superior amplification.


Expert Pro features state-of-the-art technologies ranging from ADH® analog-digital hybrid amplification, SAM® real-time speaker matching and free EVO® updates to AIR® HD streaming, DAC® Magic Wire and RAM® dynamic phono staging. And now, with its new electronic brain Core Infinity and Devialet OS, Expert Pro enters a new world of infinite possibilities with new streaming features.



There are no limits. Expert Pro advanced online Configurator allows you to tweak your system settings to your slightest preference. With infinite precision. From input and output definition to the exact specs of your phono cartridge, build your very own bespoke audiophile system.


Extreme fidelity. Right down to your speakers. Based on an advanced mathematical model of your speaker profile, SAM® enables Expert Pro to tailor the signal to your model’s precise requirements. For extreme fidelity audio. Devialet engineers are currently travelling the world to ensure your speakers are SAM-ready. More than 800 profiles are already available. And yours are more than likely among them.