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Devialet-The Lost Recordings Bill Evans Trio #425 of 900


Who was that man slipping discretely into VARA’s tiny Hilversum studio on June 22 1968? He had the slim silhouette of Yves Saint Laurent, with the same “don’t mind me” attitude. It was none other than Bill Evans. Following in his footsteps, all smiles, were drummer Jack DeJohnette and Puerto Rican bass player Eddie Gomez, his trusty touring partner of several years. One month previously they had won a historical Grammy Award in Montreux. A consecration for Bill Evans and confirmation that his art had reached dazzling heights.

It was the Summer of 1975. Sarah Vaughan gave a magnificent concert at the Laren Jazz Festival. The loss of this live recording has remained a tragedy ever since. A piece of our emotional heritage almost disappeared with it. After an epic adventure driven by passion, we managed to unearth this unique masterpiece. Along with a number of legendary jazz recordings: Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck, Bill Evans, and more still to come.

The restoration and remastering of these analog tapes could not have been achieved as perfectly without the help of Fondamenta. Using our patented Expert Pro digital-analog hybrid capabilities, they invented a unique audio excavation process called Phoenix Mastering®. For uncompromising sound quality.

Vinyl takes you right to the heart and soul of music. It’s the ideal medium for capturing the warmth and character of a vintage recording. Every breath and imperfection, perfectly rendered. A natural choice for recordings this precious, our albums are pressed in 180g vinyl. For unflinching audiophile definition.

Produced by one of the finest vinyl manufacturers in the world, The Lost Recordings feature an exclusive collector’s edition design.

Limited to only 900 copies per album, they remain an extremely rare find.      https://youtu.be/mZmoQ1pLEsI