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$1,540.00 $749.00

At this price, NOTHING in the compact DAC/Head-fi arena can Touch the Peridot.

It was never built to be this price.  It was built to be excellent.

Such a beautifully made component and with 24/192 resolution, the ability to resolve

every nuance in your High resolution Library.  Copy all your CD’s onto a computer, connect the Peridot with a sensible USB cable to your HiFi Amplifier, and watch your expensive CD Player cower in the corner with embarrassment waiting for the whip.

Only a couple left so don’t piss about.

CARAT-PERIDOT is a higher flying model than the CARAT-HD1V

This is a truly Hi Fi Audio-DAC which was designed with professional Audio components such as OSCON, WIMA, TCXO and Vishay-Dale.

Audio quality and output level are upgraded over then HD1V. It is a real “Hi Fi Audio DAC & Headphone AMP”.

PERIDOT can work without the separate power adapter via USB.

USB control chipset has been changed to work “Play & Plug”.

The output level is a healthy 2Vrms like that of a CD player and likewise the headphone amplifier section is able to utilize headphones from and up to 24ohm~300ohm


24 bit 192kHz PCM1793 Sigma Delta Stereo DAC
opa2134 / opa2604 OP amps


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