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Styleaudio HD1V

$700.00 $399.00

A simple laptop, decent cable and a USB DAC, truly is like throwing huge dough at a CD player.  If you never graduated from vinyl with a “PROPER” CD Player, here is some inexpensive enlightenment.
“I’ve owned many High-End CD players.  When I’ve parted with them, it’s after listening to my laptop/DAC combo.  It’s better!  The flawed silver disc is out of the equation and the “High-End part comes in a box the size of a packet of Winfield 25’s!”   TS.
Before the internet was flooded with “perfect sound for $25” USB dacs, a few companies were taking things quite seriously.  “And I still have one.”
Although it may seem long in the tooth, the carat HD1V is still a strikingly revealing USB Digital to Analogue Converter with a very detailed and high quality headphone amplifier.   There are no shortcuts on quality either, along with the Burr-Brown PCM2704 16-Bit Delta Sigma Chip set with Sampling rates of 32, 44.1 and 48kHz, this high quality extruded casework houses audiophile componentry including Wima capacitors and Vishay, Dale resistors.  Even the volume knob is imported from Re’an of Switzerland.

If you don’t plan on downloading Super High Res recording from various sites popping up everywhere but are happy with “better than CD” quality.  This could very well be the bargain USB DAC and quality headphone amp for you.

“We love it”


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