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$499.00 $393.00

For those who love serious sound.

Forget about speakers that drowned you in booming bass. The Classic/ S is built by the same people who invented the all-in-one Hi-Fi stereo, so crystal-clear and balanced sound is in its blood. Uncover new, subtle details in your favorite songs thanks to rich lows, pronounced mids, and shimmering highs – all from a compact form factor. It’s made possible by redesigned electronics, innovative materials and specialist tuning. And we’re not the only ones who are crazy about the sound.

The superior sound quality of a Hi-Fi, the ultra-precise engineering of a Swiss watch: there’s a reason the compact Classic/ S speaker has won so many industry awards. To mark its 10-year anniversary, we’ve redesigned the inside to make your music sound even better. With Bluetooth, DAB+, and FM radio, you can now enjoy any type of music, any time. Electro for your party? Rock for your workout? Just tap, play, and listen in pristine quality.