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Project X1 Walnut Turntable


high-end audiophile turntable with the convenience of electronic speed control. Your choice of cartidge.

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The most obvious visual difference between the Debut Carbon DC Esprit and the X Series is the size and mass of the turntables. Mass is important in audio quality, because a larger, heavier turntable will be more resistant to external vibration (both through deflection + absorption), resulting in a cleaner sound signal. The X Series achieves more mass with a) larger plinth / body, b) thicker acrylic platter and c) more layers in the finish.
The tonearm has been completely re-designed using technologies found in various Pro-Ject high-end ($1000+) turntables. The most noticeable upgrade is the gimbal (the pivoting mechanism) design, now more robust offering more precise tracking. In conjunction, the bearings have been upgraded for even smoother performance.

The tonearm tube on the X Series has been upgraded to an aluminum / carbon fiber composite. This lighter, stiffer design features improved resistance to external interference. The counterweight at the end of the tonearm has also been upgraded with an aluminum / TPE composite design. In layman’s terms, the counterweight features a plastic-rubber polymer that helps absorb unwanted vibration.
Lastly, the X Series features multiple upgrades that aren’t readily apparent. The motor system has been upgraded with a new suspension system. This new design provides more isolation between the motor (a source of unwanted vibrations) and the turntable’s drive mechanism.

The turntable feet have been completely re-designed and represents a major uprgrade. The new design takes notes from after-market style upgrades, with improved dampening characteristics (uses similar aluminum / TPE material combination as the counterweight) and the ability to be individually leveled (a leveled turntable offers more accurate playback)